elph store’s guide to gifting: Weddings

With wedding season well and truly upon us, we thought it best to share our go-to gifts for those tying the knot. Spoil your loved ones with handmade, Australian ceramics on their big day. Discover our favourites below.

The Heirloom Piece: Harvest Bowl (from the Keepsake Collection)
Perfect for the couple that you want to spoil
Maker: Sarah O’Sullivan
Handmade in the Blue Mountains NSW
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The Always Perfect Vase: Large Tall Bottle Vase
Perfect for flower lovers with the knack for creating beautiful spaces
Maker: elph ceramics
Handmade in Sydney NSW
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The Use-all-the-time Serving Bowl: Paper Series Salad Bowl
Perfect for lovers of entertaining
Maker: Hayden Youlley Design
Handmade in Sydney NSW
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The Art Piece: Handled Vase
Perfect for the contemporary couple
Maker: RARA Studio
Handmade in Melbourne, VIC
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The One-of-a-kind Piece: Wood-fired Porcelain Serving Bowl
Perfect for lovers of beautiful craftsmanship 
Maker: Sandy Lockwood
Made in the Southern Highlands, NSW
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The Colour-lovers Serving Bowl: Salad bowl
Perfect for Artists and dreamers
Maker: Timna Taylor
Handmade in Grafton, NSW
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The Experience: Date Night
Perfect for the couple who ‘don’t want a thing’
Taught by Eloise Rankine (maker of elph ceramics)
Price: $300 (per couple)
Class in the elph ceramics studio at elph store
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