in the studio with Alessandro Di Sarno


Formally a chef, Alessandro has a deep understanding of the relationship between food and how it is displayed on ceramic forms. Alessandro hand throws on the pottery wheel, describing his work as having every physical mark and imperfection which acts as a record of his interaction with the clay, making each piece unique.

Recently we asked Alessandro about his experience during lockdown and what he is looking forward to once restrictions are eased.

  1. Whats your new routine like?

My routine is actually very much the same, luckily I work from a big warehouse space with other creatives and we have plenty of distance within each other. I’m still getting into my studio almost every day and I couldn’t be any more grateful to have this opportunity during this time!

  1. How are you keeping in touch with other makers?

We are keeping in touch through social media or phone calls, most of the people I know they are doing ok but definitely coping with some major changes.

  1. What are you doing to practice self-care during this time?

I have been self isolating for 3 weeks now. What I mean for that is that the only food and drinks that I’m having has been cooked my me. Also, to avoid crowds, rather then going shopping every few days I have been trying to do a bigger food shop and get my meals more organised for the week which it ended up being really helpful anyway. 

Of course I have been social distancing and I have been mindful in always washing my hands as much as possible. Still trying to keep my mental and physical health strong by meditating every morning and doing plenty of yoga and ocean swims.

  1. Whats your favourite at home handmade ceramic?

My favourite ceramics at home are three functional pieces. Two mugs, one by Chris James and one by Ian Jones, and a water jug by Sandy Lockwood that I have actually purchased from Elph store. The reason why are my favourite pieces is because they get used on a daily basis....they are intimate objects!!!

  1. What are you most looking forward to when the lockdown is over?

What I am most looking forward to it has to be reconnecting on a physical level with all the people that I love...nothing better than a good hug! 


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