introducing: ena products

As a ceramic artist, Eloise’s hands are always in water and covered in clay. She find this really dries out her skin and can leave her hands feeling a bit *ugh*. Using her hands for her work means needing to value looking after them and when we discovered Ena Products earlier this year, she realised that this was the product range she had been dreaming of!

Not only do they make the most beautiful hand creams to keep her hands moisturised after a long day at the wheel, they also make the perfect bar soap and body scrub for when she is in need of some self-care.

Sophie, on the other hand, loves to cook and finds the larger bottles of liquid hand wash essential when rolling out pasta, making pastry and when working with cookie dough! The natural ingredients and the scents not only make the simply act of hand washing feel luxurious, the beautifully designed packaging also looks amazing from kitchen to bathroom.

Looking closely into their ethos, we love how it aligns with ours – made in Australia and inspired by mother/daughter relationships – Lindy (Ena Product’s founder) even named the brand after her grandmother and her mother. Over fourteen years since their first test batches, Ena is dedicated to creating a range of the most beautiful Australian skincare products and continues to live by their ethos of producing natural, kind, cleansing and enduring skincare. 

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome their range into our store.

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