In the studio with Little White Dish

Deb Taylor, the ceramic artist behind Little White Dish, has been making for 25 years. Originally from England, Deb is now based in Sydney at Precinct 75. Deb is the creator of our popular Paddington 2021, Loved and Cherished cups and makes beautiful functional ceramics for restaurants and home use. You can find Deb's work being used at a range of high end Sydney restaurants including LuMi Dining and Merivale's newly opened middle floor restaurant, Mimi's.

We recently asked Deb a few questions about how she's going in these times of social distancing, from what she has been thinking about and doing to what she is looking forward to in the future.

What’s your new routine like?
My new routine is much like the old one in terms of work though I am spending more time in the studio at the moment. Even though there is anxiety and uncertainty around I believe this is a golden opportunity to do some business development. It may not have happened otherwise, so there is much positivity, too. I’ve been making some new pieces for my cremation urn business, The Porcelain Urn Company, and gradually updating the website to reflect this.

How are you keeping in touch with other makers?
Most of the contact I have with other makers is through instagram and I don’t really think that’s changed. Much of my screen time has been through working on the website, watching not too much Netflix and observing human nature, what’s happening throughout the world and and watching numbers rise and fall be it death rates, superannuation figures, petrol prices...

What are you doing to practice self-care during this time?
Self-care comes in the form maintaining routines where possible, I’m playing a lot of golf at the moment so lots of walking and I’m in the studio every day so I get to see and talk to other people who work at the Precinct. I’m fortunate to be working alone and doing essential work. I’m definitely not feeling isolated as such, though naturally I’m missing social activities. I have had some surprises from people checking in on me, which is really lovely!

What's your favourite ceramic piece?
My favourite at-home ceramic is a little bowl I made a few years ago from Korean porcelain. While it is a bowl I don’t use it: I just stare at it a lot and try not to fall into it.

What are you most looking forward to when the pandemic is over?
Mmm... when this is over... (I’ll be selective), but I think I’ll run up to the nearest person and squeeze the life out of them. 1.5m = no human touch for the longest time apart from an accidental touch when the barista handed me my coffee last week and a friend brushed against my arm on a walk recently. That wasn’t an accident: I think it was simply natural. After that movies, dinner, embraces, archery, golf with more than one friend, teaching, closeness.

Portrait Image courtesy of Joe Filshie