Moments with tea

Written by Eloise Rankine

A cup of tea always starts with the meeting of hot water, brought to a rolling boil on the stove or in the kettle, with dried tea leaves in a strainer, teabag or teapot. From the strong milky English Breakfast tea in the morning to the comforting pot of chamomile just before bed, tea signals a taking times for oneself, a slowing down, a ritual of self-care.

A teapot for one

Taking a moment to myself. I fill the kettle with water and switch it on. As it slowly heats up to a boil, I rifle through my tins of tea to find the Early Grey. It’s 3pm and I need a slight pick me up, a comforting warm mug to hold and a moment to myself. I bring out my Sandy Lockwood teapot and scoop the big strands of bergamot infused into a tea strainer. I hear the beeping of the kettle, wait a brief moment and pour a little bit of hot water into the pot to take the chill away from the ceramic. Tipping it out again, I place the tea strainer inside and fill the teapot with water.

Picking up an almost matching mug and take it and the teapot back to my desk and wait for the tea to steep. Soon I pour the tea gently from the pot into the mug, inhale the pleasant aroma and steam and remember how lucky I am to have the time to savour this moment. I take a sip.

A teapot for two

“Which tea would you like?” I hear calling from the kitchen. I am curled up on the couch listening to the sounds of the kettle heating up and the rustle of tea tins, tea strainers and mugs. “Chamomile” I call back, I am already a little sleepy and this will do the trick to make me forget my day and relax into the rest of the evening watching a movie after a long day in the studio.

He chooses my favourite pink Ghost Wares teapot and matching mugs and, as if by magic, the teapot and cups are in front of me. The pleasant warmth of my partner beside me and the simple pleasure of spending an evening together, sipping chamomile tea from our matching green mugs leaves nothing wanting.

A teapot for many

A family dinner turns into sitting on the couch, the floor, an armchair with siblings and partners while dad makes tea for us all. Boiling the kettle, unpacking the dishwasher, getting out the blocks of dark chocolate. It’s summer so the call is peppermint tea tonight.

Picking out a large teapot by Little White Dish and so many mugs, the peppermint tea fits so perfectly with the almost matte surface of the glaze. The discussion of how our weeks have unfolded is slowly drowned out by the tv and as we finish our second round of tea, we begin to say our goodbyes, until next times and goodnights. The tea leaves are emptied from the teapot and we each head off home.

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