why buy handmade?

Discover unique, handmade Australian ceramics to bring warmth, joy and touch back to your everyday rituals. 

elph store why buy handmade

When you buy a hand crafted object you are investing in the work of a local maker. You are giving them the opportunity to create, experiment, redesign and rethink the way that we interact with the vessels that we use every day.

Ceramic objects are intimate objects. They should make you feel something, they should connect you to their maker. You should be able to feel the care and the time taken in the objects that you use each day. The fingerprints, imperfections, unique indents and the eye and skill of the maker.

At elph store, we aim to support a range of Australian ceramic makers from the part time potter to the full time ceramic artist. We aim to give our ceramic objects a luxurious and understated setting to show their full potential. Far from the dusty studio, our ceramic objects are nestled firmly in the domestic space. 

Our ceramics are created by our makers to move from our home to yours.