Find your perfect mug

We have designed each piece to bring joy and a little luxury to our everyday rituals and we hope you find the same joy when using elph ceramics. The first Cuddle Cup was made in 2014 and was the central piece in designing our collection.

The curve that fits perfectly into your hands inspired products from the bud vase to our mug and bowl collections. Using the Cuddle Cup shape as inspiration we have designed six vessels to ensure you have the right cup or mug for any of your daily rituals. Learn more about which vessel is right for you!

Espresso & Piccolo

The Espresso and Piccolo cups are designed for those who enjoy a strong coffee. The Espresso Cup is the perfect size for a ristretto, espresso or double espresso. The Piccolo cup is for those who like a dash of milk. Ideal for a piccolo or macchiato. The Piccolo with Handle is designed for Turkish Coffee or those who like an extra hot espresso.

The Espresso Cup is 90ml or 3 ounces and the Piccolo Cup & Piccolo with Handle are both 120ml or 4 Ounces.

Cuddle Cup & Small Mug

Eloise and Sophie are both Flat White coffee drinkers and so designing the perfect size was a must. Eloise made our first Cuddle Cup in 2016 and its shape informed our entire collection.

The Cuddle Cup is perfect for a Flat White, Cappucino, Mocha, Chai Latte or Milky Tea.

The Small Mug is for those who like their drinks extra hot and prefer a handled vessel. It's ideal for Americanos, Long Blacks, Black Tea and Tisanes.

The Cuddle Cup and Small Mug are both 275ml or 8 ounces.

Medium Cuddle Cup & Medium Mug

The Medium Cuddle Cup and Medium Mug are designed for those who enjoy a large coffee or a comforting cup of tea.

The Medium Cuddle Cup is also lovely to use for cold drinks. we love to use the Medium Cuddle Cup for a Friday afternoon cocktail or sparkling water.

The Medium Cuddle Cup and Medium Mug are both 375ml or 12 ounces.

Make morning tea extra special

Elevate morning coffee or afternoon tea with our gorgeous Pourer jug. The perfect size for a splash of milk when entertaining.