• In Season: Lace Cap hydrangeas

    More than just a pretty face, our extra small bottle vase is the perfect size for cuttings from your garden. 
  • bottle vase sizes

    The iconic elph ceramics Bottle Vases are now available in four useful sizes in porcelain (white), grey speckle and black. With sizes ranging from...
  • clay recycling

    Did you know we recycle all our clay offcuts? During the throwing process much of the clay used to throw our products is trimmed away to create our thin and beautiful ceramics. Find out more.

  • the tiny house

    As part of Sydney Craft week we wanted to share the story of our iconic tiny house. The tiny house was first created as a way for Eloise to test gl...
  • elph ceramics studio

    We are excited to announce our new elph ceramics studio located in Exeter, NSW. As part of Sydney Craft Week we would like to welcome you to explor...
  • introducing: ena products

    As a ceramic artist, Eloise’s hands are always in water and covered in clay. She find this really dries out her skin and can leave her hands fee...
  • How are handmade ceramics made? Part three: mould making

    Mould making is a common practice in studio pottery in Australia. Moulds allow ceramicists to create multiples of the same object, create specific parts of objects or to use as an alteration tool. 
  • How are handmade ceramics made? Part Two: hand-building

    Part 2: Hand-building Hand-building refers to a multitude of making techniques which predominately use hands to create. In contrast to throwing on...
  • How are handmade ceramics made? Part One: wheel thrown

    If you have ever found yourself lost in the world of Instagram pottery videos, there is a good chance that they have been someone throwing on the pottery wheel. During this process, the clay seems to effortlessly glide from shape to shape in the potter’s hands as it spins. 
  • why buy handmade?

    Discover unique, handmade Australian ceramics to bring warmth, joy and touch back to your everyday rituals.  When you buy a hand crafted object...